the associated students of the university of california has been the official undergraduate student government since 1887.

帝王棋牌网站 find art classes for the campus community and the public, from digital design to drawing to ceramics.

帝王棋牌网站 connect with alumni and stay connected to berkeley after graduation.

find out about fraternities and sororities associated with uc berkeley, and system-wide initiatives.

stay fit and have fun with intramural sports, fitness classes and workout facilities around campus.

we’ve got spirit, how about you? find out about dance team, cheerleading and the rally committee.

sing with the men’s octet, women’s chorale, jazz ensemble and more.

the independent, student-run newspaper of the berkeley campus and community, established in 1871.

find discussion groups, internships and more related to gender equity on the berkeley campus.

get involved with other graduate students to create a vibrant, inclusive student community.

campus hub for leadership, engagement, advising and development programs, including student groups, environmental resources and more.

Military groups

find student programs for the , and at berkeley.

帝王棋牌网站 explore musical , noon concerts, summer symphony and other opportunities to perform around campus.

search over 1,000 student groups registered with the asuc and graduate assembly, and connect with other students who share your interests.

find out about the cal marching band and jazz and choral ensembles.

explore over 80 student publications, covering everything from science and creative writing to television and radio.

Volunteering opportunities

want to get involved? opportunities to volunteer can be found at various campus locations and are open to students, faculty, staff and the public.

  • Cal band performing on Sproul Hall steps. Photo by Elena Zhukova.
  • A student swims at the Hearst Gymnasium pool. Photo by Elena Zhukova.
  • The Men’s Octet sings at Sather Gate. Photo by Elena Zhukova.
  • Student actors. Photo by Elena Zhukova.
  • Students tango. Photo by Elena Zhukova.
  • A student staffs a table on Sproul Plaza. Photo by Elena Zhukova.
  • Billiards game. Photo by Elena Zhukova.
  • Student artist. Photo by Elena Zhukova.